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AGM Forbes

AGM Forbes, based in Dundee, Scotland, grow 400 tonnes of strawberries a year and supply the major British supermarkets from May to the end of November thanks to their Anaerobic Digester (AD) and biogas Combined Heat and Power (CHP) engine.

They contacted FEC Energy in the summer of 2014, as they needed help ensuring that their accreditation for both the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) and Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) were correctly submitted and the income they were to receive would start promptly. With our help, they started to receive their FiT accreditation income by February 2015. Despite it now taking up to two years to receive RHI payments, they started receiving their payments from May 2016 (within the year of submission). We also helped AGM Forbes secure the best fully flexible import and export contracts by carrying out impartial analysis of all providers on the market to ensure that they obtained the best deal.

Unfortunately, in September 2015 their AD plant experienced a mechanical failure and was out of action for over a month. This resulted in over 800 hours of lost heat generation meaning AGM Forbes were likely to lose over £10,000. We assisted them to make a claim through their insurance by analysing the existing heat meter readings. From this, we were able to estimate how much income, linked to the heat, had been lost. This helped estimate how much heat was lost and therefore how much income was lost due to the breakdown. We then produced a report as part of the insurance claim for the associated loss.

From the start, we have fully Account Managed AGM Forbes’ income streams and through these, their annual income is over £400,000.

Mike Forbes from AGM Forbes said: “Without FEC Energy we wouldn’t have started receiving our accreditation income nearly as soon as we did. When our AD plant experienced a mechanical failure we only had to provide minimal input as FEC Energy did the rest regarding our insurance claim, making sure our loss was covered. We are very grateful for this as it would have been a substantial amount of money to lose.”

Key Facts

  • Produces: 400 tonnes of strawberries
  • Region: Dundee, Scotland
  • Installation: Anaerobic Digester and 249kW biogas Combined Heat and Power engine
  • Annual energy: Purchase 25MWh of imported electricity and export 1000MWh

NFU Energy

  • Helped with their RHI and FiT accreditations
  • Saved over £10,000 in lost heat income
  • Account manage a projected annual income over £400,000