Saturday 12th of February 2022 | Posted In: Biofuels

Update to RHI Guidance – Woodfuel Quality

April 2022 UPDATE: The RHI fuel quality deadline has been extended till 1 JUNE 2022. We must hear from you by 22 April to get your application approved by Woodsure in time and ensure you remain compliant for your RHI payment.


Do you have an RHI accreditation running on virgin woodfuel? 

Do you sell virgin wood to RHI participants? 

From 01 April 2022 (now extended till 1 June 2022), the RHI regulations will require you to meet new Woodfuel Quality Criteria. This means that anybody using or selling virgin woodchip, logs, wood pellets or wood briquettes, either under their own BSL number or via self-reporting, must comply with this new legislation.

The main requirement is:
All virgin woodfuel (waste wood is excluded from these requirements) must be certified by the Woodsure Certification Scheme or an equivalent certification scheme. The certification scheme must provide assurance of the supply chain of the woodfuel.

The Woodsure scheme is to ensure:

  1.     All woodfuel (excluding pellets) must meet fuel quality standard EN 15234-1:2011, EN15234/ISO 9001: 2015, EN ISO 17225-4:2014 or an equivalent standard.
  2.    All wood pellets meet the EN Plus A1 standard or an equivalent standard.

Many participants who are expected to be affected will have already received a letter from BSL pointing them towards Woodsure’s certification scheme and how to begin the certification process. Depending on the type of supplier you are, there are two ways to register: 

  1.     If you have a self-supplier BSL number, or a producer trader BSL number but exclusively provide fuel to yourself, you are required to fill out a self-supplier application form.
  2.     If you produce wood fuel that is sold to other participants on the RHI scheme, you are required to fill out the producer and traders form.

Producers, Producer-traders, and traders who sell to 3rd parties need to evidence a fuel quality manual which includes documents such as:

  •    Fuel sampling methods
  •    EN produce specification forms, to ensure you are meeting the required standards
  •    Equipment lists
  •    Staff competency training records
  •    Site map of activity, including non-conforming stockpiles

It is worth noting that for anybody buying woodfuel from a BSL accredited supplier, the responsibility is with the supplier to obtain this new certification. Further to this, participants who source their fuel entirely from waste will not be required to meet the new criteria. 

Information on the application can be found here: NFU Energy can assist in these fuel quality applications, so please get in touch with us on 024 7669 6512​ to see how we can help.