Tuesday, 31 August 2021
Anaerobic Digestor feed stocks
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by Claire Hartry

Agri-feedstock and clamp management day (virtual): 08th September 2021

On Wednesday 8th September ADBA are hosting an Agri-feedstock and clamp management Trainin
Thursday, 26 August 2021
Electric vehicles, electric vehicle charger, sustainable farming, Renewable energy
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by Claire Hartry

Have you considered investing in Electric Vehicle charging points for your workplace sites?

If the answer is yes then the team at NFU Energy are here to help.
Monday, 23 August 2021
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by Joshua Robinson

Would an Online Only Contract be of benefit to me?

With energy prices rising at an exponential rate, shopping around is more important than ever.  In these challenging times energy suppliers are having to really push themselves to think outside the box to offer more competitive prices on to Customers. 
Thursday, 19 August 2021
Grade A Woodchip for a biomass boiler
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by Sophie Archer

Using waste wood in your biomass boiler

For many, burning recycled waste wood is a great choice, as it is a low cost and readily available biomass fuel. However, it’s important to make sure you’re properly permitted before you even take delivery. There are three grades of waste wood: A, C (which now includes B) and D.
Monday, 16 August 2021
 annual Green Gas Day event 2021
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by Jon Swain

UK Green Gas Day 2021: 09 September 2021

Green Gas Day, the largest annual biomethane industry gathering, has been run by the Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA) and CNG Services over the past nine years.
Friday, 13 August 2021
RHI Audit, Energy saving, ESOS, Energy audit, Heat saving audit
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by Roger Stones

Energy Audits can save you money

Energy audits save you money because they show how you spend money on energy and where you waste money on energy. In fact, it’s very seldom seen that a first-time energy audit does not show at least about 10% savings potential.
Tuesday, 10 August 2021
11MWth boiler
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by Sophie Archer

5 MW thermal input systems – let’s get down to permits

The 01 January 2024 deadline for existing 5 MWth combustion plants to be permitted by may seem far away, but, in reality, permits are taking at least 12 months with current Environment Agency (EA) queues. Once the influx of applications starts in 2023, this lead time risks being even longer!
Thursday, 05 August 2021
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by Thomas Wilkins

No longer feeling the heat?

If you don’t know how healthy your RHI accreditation is, perhaps it’s time for an audit…
Tuesday, 03 August 2021
Outside of a greenhouse in the winter
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by Jenny Beynon

NFU Energy's guide to Carbon reporting

Renewable technologies are increasing in popularity due to their cost saving benefits and low maintenance costs, but also the ‘green energy’ they produce, which is vital in helping to achieve the NFU’s Net Zero target of 2040.