Wednesday, 30 September 2020
A UK street with houses
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by Jon Swain

Get £5,000 grant for reducing energy consumption in your home

Almost without any fanfare at all, the Green Homes Grant scheme was launched today. As the name suggests it is a domestic oriented scheme and will pay two thirds of the cost of improvements up to a maximum of a £5,000 grant for home improvements that reduce energy consumption.
Tuesday, 29 September 2020
Renewable electricity generating system representing NFU Energy's FiT application and compliance service
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by Sophie Archer

Recent changes to Anaerobic Digestion plant Environmental Permits

In recent years, many Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants have been built and managed under the Industrial Emissions Directive, published in 2010.
Thursday, 24 September 2020
Electricity pylons with a sunset in the background
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by Candace Robb

What length of electricity contract should I sign up for?

This is a question that we are asked a lot.
Tuesday, 22 September 2020
Sunlight through the roof of a glasshouse blog
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by Jenny Beynon

How Liebig’s barrel can help a horticulture business

Guest blogger Ed Hardy recently wrote the following for AHDB GrowSave and it was an interesting thought worth sharing here: 
Thursday, 17 September 2020
Wind turbines in the sunset
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by Jon Swain

Lacking in wind power

Tuesday 15 September was an exciting day for followers of the Capacity Market as the first notice was issued since November 2016.
Tuesday, 15 September 2020
Rolling countryside fields with grass and crops
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by Ed Shuldham

Reduce your carbon emissions from your farm

It is hard not to come across the topic of carbon emissions in agriculture now, with its coverage in both the national and the farming press. Just last week there was an announcement in the Farmers Weekly that the National Trust’s own organic arable farm had become carbon negative.
Thursday, 10 September 2020
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by Jenny Beynon

Heat pumps key to London’s net zero ambition

Read our top five energy-related news stories from the last couple of weeks. Energy is always in the news in one way or another, from renewable energy technology advancements and the latest from the ‘big six’ energy suppliers to advancements in energy saving and sustainability.
Tuesday, 08 September 2020
Large white AD plant with CHP
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by Sophie Archer

Does your AD Plant need an Environmental Permit?

There is a legislative understanding for Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants in that they are waste treatment plants that turn waste into energy. However, due to the broad range of needs that AD plants deliver, this is not always the case.
Thursday, 03 September 2020
Large heat pump in a building
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by Thomas Wilkins

A further 20% reduction in RHI Tariff for large water/ground source heat pumps

Ofgem has continued to cut the RHI tariff rate for large water/ground source heat pumps (100 kWth and above). The latest digression will come into force on the 01 October and will see the tariff reduced by a further 20%.
Tuesday, 01 September 2020
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by Jodie Hisgett

Is a cheap energy price really a fair one?

Finding time to check if the contract you are signing really is the best deal can be difficult while running your business.